Former Senate President tasks Nigerians on 2019 elections

Nigeria’s former Senate President, Senator Ken Nnamani has advised Nigerians to consider pedigree and antecedents of individuals vying for political positions in 2019 elections before voting for them.

He gave the advice while speaking in an interview with Voice of Nigeria on the newly launched book, We the People .

Mr Nnamani also said politics is supposed to be service and not a means of enriching self.

Politics is service is not a means of enriching oneself,ahead of 2019 we should look closely at the candidates we will vote for, we should find out if they are coming to serve us or their pocket,as we see these days that people just jump into politics these days without work experience, Nigerians should ensure that politicians serve themselves first before they serve others he said.

He emphasized that method of recruiting leadership has been faulty.

According to the Former Senate President, Our method of recruiting Leadership has been very faulty. We vote for people who are not competent to serve , we must change from council level all the way up, we should look at their antecedents what they have done before and their pedigree

Nnamani stressed that politics is service, added that an individual who has not served his family should not serve his immediate community.

Corruption Fight

Speaking on the fight against Corruption, senator Nnamani said Nigeria cannot fight war against corruption without having casualties.

Some people should have been in jail by now, it is not the fault of the government it is more of the system we are practicing which says an individual is not guilty until proven guilty .

We should consider all these things and reduce the capacity of embezzling the huge budget that can save people in hospitals, he added

Source: Voice of Nigeria