Gambia’s President-elect vows to introduce term limits

Gambia’s President-elect, Adama Barrow has vowed to ensure that a two term limit of 5 years is introduced for the presidency in order to avoid misrule as a result of over-staying.

Barrow made the statement while addressing a crowd of people from different communities who paid him a courtesy call.

The reason why presidents misrule the country and govern horribly against their people is because of overstay.

If you spend long sitting as a president you must be prone to dictatorship because it is highly possible to think that your power is unshakeable.

You may not think that power belongs to people and eventually people will be afraid of your government instead of otherwise, he said.

He said the coalition government which is formed by knowledgeable and strong politicians will do all it could to make sure the rights and freedoms of every person is protected.

The president-elect, said he will ensure that term limit is enshrined in the Constitution.

With term limit, any president that comes will serve appropriately and have respect for the laws of the land because the person will know that there is an end to his or her tenure. he said.

Mr. Barrow further assured the communities that his government will be in place for every Gambian irrespective of who they are to ensure development is brought rapidly in all sectors.

The President-elect is due to be sworn in on January 19, 2017.

Source: Voice of Nigeria