German airport strike grounds jets

German airport have cancelled more than 600 flights because of a strike by security staff in a pay dispute.

The strike centres on airports in western Germany: Dusseldorf (the country’s third-largest), Cologne-Bonn and Stuttgart.

Reports say in Dusseldorf about 60,000 passengers are affected, with two-thirds of flights cancelled.

The Verdi union wants a pay rise to Euros 20 (Pound 18; $23) per hour for security staff, from the present rate of Euros 17.

Report says many travellers had time to make alternative arrangements, as the strike had been announced in advance.

Working condition

Security staff are reported to be very angry over their working conditions.

German media say 350 out of 570 planned flights have been cancelled in Dusseldorf; in Cologne 130 out of 200 flights are cancelled and in Stuttgart 142 out of 270.

About 50 flights were cancelled when security staff went on strike at Berlin’s Tegel and SchAlnefeld airports on Monday.

Source: Voice of Nigeria