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Germany partners China on African development

The German Minister for Development Aid, Gerd Mueller said Germany and China have agreed to channel resources towards Africa’s holistic development.

Mueller said, while China has invested in infrastructure on the African continent, Germany would focus on training African manpower in critical areas of development like technology.

German expertise in occupational training and environmental and energy technology could help to promote economic development on the continent, he said.

He added that the two countries also aimed, through the German-Chinese Centre for Sustainable Development in Beijing to pursue an exchange on themes like climate change and the reduction of emissions.

Free markets and profit maximization were not the only aims for Germany and China, but also shaping globalization in a sustainable way.

China is Africa’s largest trading partner, with trade relations now worth over 200 billion dollars annually.

In exchange for market access and raw materials, China has offered an increasing number of African states urgently needed loans to finance critical infrastructure.

On its part, Germany has trade relations with Africa worth 60 billion dollars annually.

But earlier this year, Germany unveiled a Marshal Plan for Africa, which is aimed at directing more aid and increasing private investment on the continent.

Source: Vocie of Nigeria