Governor El-Rufai unveils infrastructure master plan for Kaduna

Kaduna State Governor, Nasiru El-Rufai has presented the long term infrastructure master plan for the State, designed to guide the coordinated development of critical infrastructure across the State from 2018-2050.

He made the presentation at the third edition of the Investment programme, KADInvest 3.0 with the theme, ‘Partnership for Development’ in Kaduna, Northwest Nigeria.

While summarising the previous editions of KADInvest, Governor El-Rufai disclosed that, within the last two years that government unveiled the investment programme, about 79 percent of the investments are foreign while only 21 percent is domestic.

He said the percentage of domestic investment is worrisome because it means Kaduna is not doing enough to attract them.

Due to the low percentage of domestic investment, we have decided to focus more on domestic investment, saying, we need to attract businesses in Kaduna by providing skilled workforce, he said.

According to the governor, to encourage domestic investment in the State, government’s first priority is to build human capital by engaging in different activities where the young people are willing to be employed in businesses.

Speaking on the upcoming and ongoing projects that are expected to take off before the fourth edition of KADInvest, he mentioned some of the investments to include, Vilisco textiles park, Arfa Dairy Farms and Ranches, Kaduna Automobile Village, Green Economic Zone, Solar Power Project, Dangote- PAN Assembly Plant amongst others.

Governor El-Rufai further stated that, given the current population, dynamics and infrastructure of the state, government needs to invest heavily in physical infrastructure, saying, government can absorb as much as 65.6 billion dollars in infrastructure development between now and 2050.

The breakdown of the future infrastructural developments between now to 2050, include, the transportation sector which would require 8trillion naira while 5.1billion would be required annually in the education sector to build about 9006 schools including tertiary institutions.

Other sectors include, the health system which would require158 billion naira, while a 100 billion yearly is targeted for the water sector, agriculture would require 53 billion and 5,000 housing units would be developed annually all within the timeframe of 2018-2050, he stressed.

The Governor noted that, the long term infrastructure master plan summarises the infrastructure target aimed at providing job opportunities and making lives better for the masses.

On his part, the Ooni of Ife, Adeyeye Ogunwusi said with the KADInvest initiative, Kaduna stands to be a foreseeable future where people seek for greener future.

He described kadinvest as beneficial, while imploring all to join hands in the progress of the programme and the entire State, adding that, there is need to form a formidable force to achieve greater heights for the State.

He further called on political officers, particularly Kaduna State Senators to shun all their differences to work with the governor for the common good of the State and its populace.

KADINVEST was initiated with its maiden edition in April, 2016 with the aim of creating a condition that is expected to facilitate investments to create jobs, improve IGR and provide resources to develop the State.

Source: Voice of Nigeria