Govt. officials canvass cohesive efforts to combat youth unemployment

Some State Government officials on Wednesday in Abuja called for a national stakeholders platform to galvanise public and private sectors’ efforts towards promoting youth employment in the country.


The officials spoke at a conference, titled “Addressing the Challenges of Employment and Reintegration at National and Sub-National Levels in the post COVID-19 era; Impact and Policy Response.”


The conference was organised by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), International Labour Organisation (ILO) in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Employment.


Mr Joel Edionwe, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Wealth Creation, Edo, said that the unemployment rate in the country is alarming.


He said that collaboration is the way to go to address the menace of unemployment in the country as working in silos will not yield the desired result.


“First we have all recognised that the unemployment rate is alarming, youth unemployment rate is almost 54 per cent; we also recognize that the public sector cannot provide all the required jobs.


“The private sector at the formal and informal level are all contributing immensely to this; how to galvanise all these actions and harness efforts is key.


“We work in silos, making our impacts but a coordinated effort will yield better result and therefore, as respective stakeholders, we need this multi stakeholder’s platform.


“To identify our needs, our common objective is to promote employment, especially youth employment, and see what we can do, what are the skill level, what are the industry requirement, how to bridge the gap.


“We need to know what respective roles we will play and how do we improve on our roles and what roadmap do we have to achieve this, and this is all about the stakeholders platform and then we can begin to do peer review,’’ he said.


Also, Mr Abiola Odetole, Special Assistant to the Governor of Ogun on Job Creation and Youth Employment, said that it was important for political leaders and captains of industries to be on the same platform.


He said that this will curb cases of conflicting mandates and directives which often make it difficult for collaborations among stakeholders.


“It is obvious generally for us to have this multi-sector dialogue and a platform for it. The problems that have been identified boils down to the issue of leadership.


“When the leadership gives a different mandates that clashes with mandates from other institutions, agencies or appointees, there is this political interest that it carries and because of that interest, people prefer to run solo with their ideas.


“It makes it difficult sometimes for them to come together and work with other agencies and institutions,’’ he said.


Source: News Agency of Nigeria