Group hails President Buhari’s leadership style

Leadership styles of Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari and the Federal Capital Territory, FCT Minister, Malam Muhammad Musa Bello have been commended for purposefulness and dedication.

A coalition of socio-political interest groups in northern Nigeria, specifically scored the duo and their governments very high on security in the territory and country. They called on all citizens to continue to support the “exemplary leaders” to deliver more.

Chairman of the group, Ahmed Aruwa stated this in a chat with journalists in Abuja.

He said he believed that over 65 percent issues of insecurity in the region would be tackled if local governments were properly funded and given financial autonomy to operate.

Aruwa, who was a former Local Government Chairman, further submitted that poverty and deprivation in local communities in the Northern part of Nigeria was the bane of insecurity in the area, and required urgent and decisive measures to end it.

If the local governments can get their monthly allocations, most of these insecurities will not even occur in the first place. I was once a local government chairman and I can tell you what goes on there. If the lowest one is not getting anything then what do you expect?

“Let the governors of our region try and give allocations to the local governments and see the wonders this will do. I assure you that in one or two months they will find that things will be very easy for them, but they are not doing that and that is why we are experiencing all these.

“Most local government councils are often times empty with no activities going on due to paucity of funds. We are forgetting that these people have knowledge of their environment and have the capacity to spread across the nooks and crannies, including the bushes.

“I therefore plead with Mr. President to intervene. I know he has spoken about these issues before, but if the governors are not interested in financial autonomy of the local governments, then let the president bring the issue back to the national assembly, let that section of government get their autonomy and I assure you that 65percent of the insecurity in the north will disappear,” he said.

Commenting on the EndSARS protests, the group urged the youth to properly channel their demands and avoid causing hardship for other citizens or throwing the country into chaos.

“I personally don’t support the protests because we are now paying the price for the protest that has turned violent. We all need to understand that without all these people, the police and others there are suffering. I personally want all the security agencies to be on their duties.

“However, I will advise that the security agencies fish out the bad eggs among them and also ensure thorough screening of people before enrolling them into our security apparatus to avoid these issues of brutality and assaults,” he said.

The coalition focuses on promoting activities of President Muhammadu Buhari and his administration.



Source: Voice of Nigeria