Group makes case for youths’ involvement in Nigerian politics

A Non Governmental Organisation, One Nigeria Youths’, has warned that Nigeria is losing a lot to the neglect of youth leadership in today’s politics.

The group’s coordinator, Magnus Oku, in a statement on Sunday in Abuja, said that innovative young people’s voices were crying out to be heard and used to stir up a reform of great development.

Oku said that regrettably, the voices of young people were being ignored by politicians.

In today’s politics, we should have more youths at the leadership tables and begin to include more women to share their concerns and their suggestions for a better Nigeria.

There are more young people in Nigeria and even on the planet than at any time in human history and our young people are always at the center of social progress. And indeed, the youth bubble is on our side.

Young people are biologically wired for the three critical assets that lead to social improvement: novelty, risk, and peer authority.

It’s no coincidence that in Global science and technology, we recall that the likes of UPS, Microsoft, Apple, HP, Bristol-Myers, and Dell were all started by teenagers on bicycles and in garages and dormitories.

Brain science confirms the unique power of young people to see new things and then take the risks to bring them to the rest of us.

This is because young people listen to each other more and they also bring their entire generation along with them, and the change we desire lies in the leadership of younger persons,” he said.

According to Oku, young people are more receptive to change and have a large stake in creating a strong future.

He said that youth involvement in Nigerian politics would facilitate positive social change, including structures, policies and procedures that were demand-driven to address the health needs of their communities.

Oku, a multipurpose literary writer said that all hands should be on deck for a paradigm shift.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria