Gubernatorial candidate vows to revive industries in Kaduna

The Mega party gubernatorial candidate, Muhammad Kabir Usman says if elected, he will revive ailing industries in Kaduna State.

He stated this in Kaduna while speaking with newsmen on his intentions to contest against the incumbent in the forthcoming polls.

Being the youngest among the Kaduna gubernatorial candidates, he stated that this government has failed in its promise to revive the industries, hence the rise in unemployment in the State.

According to Usman: Though the present administration has done a lot in the education sector, but many are yet to feel the impact as only few communities were selected to benefit from the classroom projects.

Speaking on agriculture, the candidate further mentioned that, there is need for more funding in the sector especially the provision of soft loans to farmers.

Farmers have been forced to flee from their farms due to security challenges. They either were chased from their farms or asked yo pay the monies recovered from the farm produce as ransom. This is a challenge that we would tackle.

The decline in citizen’s empowerment is a major concern to us because of the role human capital development plays in the social and economic development of any State.

Usman said his decision to contest for governorship position was based on the low participation of youths, saying, they have been denied many opportunities in the Country while they contribute over 95 percent votes during elections.

This is the right time for generational shift where the youths are suppose to run the affairs of the Nation and get into elective positions to move the State and Nigeria forward, he stressed.

He explained that, if elected as the Governor of Kaduna state, he would make unimaginable impact on the life of Kaduna citizens.

The gubernatorial candidate also raised concern on the low working morale amongst civil and public servants in the State which has in several ways not just affected their attitude to work, but is also affecting the positivity in terms of delivery that the State stands for.

We intend to put in place a means through empowerment, training and incentive schemes which would help boost the working morale of civil and public servants in the State. This way we are sure a more conducive environment will be created in the state and the economy will in turn improve.

Usman was born in Zaria city and currently in his 4th year studying Sharia and Civil Law in the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He also holds a Diploma in the same course from the same institution.

Source: Voice of Nigeria