How surveyors can help in tackling insecurity — Council

Mr Clement Nwabichie, newly-appointed President, Surveyors Council of Nigeria (SURCON), says diversification of survey practice will help in tackling insecurity, economic and social issues confronting the nation.


Nwabichie said this on Wednesday during the annual professional development workshop and luncheon organised by the Association of Private Practicing Surveyors of Nigeria (APPSN), a subgroup of the Nigerian Institution of Surveyors (NIS).


He listed various countries, including Israel, using survey mapping to fight and win wars and stressed the need for Nigeria to adopt the method against insurgency.


He called for a National Mapping policy and implementation of previous laudable initiatives of the survey associations and their regulatory bodies.


Nwabichie, awaiting his inauguration, said that diversification of survey practice should go beyond cadastral to capturing crime, land reforms, business geography, signages, among others.


He said several laudable initiatives in the past were abandoned, adding that survey mapping could be used for planning and curbing crime while enhancing the economy.


“We must make conscious efforts to diversify our range of service to keep surveyors busy, liquid and happy.


“All these high resolution cameras can’t they give us movement in the Sambisa Forest?,” he queried.


Speaking on the topic ”Panacea to Leadership and Good Governance: Surveyors Perspective, Challenges, Solutions and Opportunities”, the guest speaker enumerated qualities of a good leader.


“We need to restructure our mindset towards our profession. We need more commitment and less aparty,” he said.


He stressed the need for APPSN and other professional surveyors to set goals for achieving set objectives.


He also called for a new strategic road plan of say five years which gives room for annual review of where the profession is, where it was and where it intends to be.


He called for collaboration between the surveyors, academia and industries to boost the nation’s economy.


Mr Ganiu Aderanijo, Chairman, Lagos chapter of APPSN, reeled out the administration’s

achievements including members welfare and growth of survey practice in the country.


He said the workshop was aimed at raising the bar of the profession to ensure adherence to standards, elimination of quackery and adherence to ethical values of the profession.


Also, President of Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria, Mr Oyegbola Akinloye, while declaring the workshop open, urged surveyors to implement lessons from workshops.


A certified nurse, Mrs Folakemi Adekoya, in her lecture on “Living and Surviving Stress in Lagos”, said that the state was an overwhelming city to live in.


She reeled out statistics of occupational stress and proffered solutions to managing various kinds of stress including those related to the work places.


The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that health checks were carried out for members as part of the programme.


Source: News Agency of Nigeria