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I will end poverty in my costituency – Oduah reaffirms

Sen. Stella Oduah on Wednesday, renewed her vow to end all forms of poverty in her Constituency, Anambra, North Senatorial District.

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, Oduah said that she had witnessed poverty first-hand and ending poverty was the main reason she joined politics.

The senator clarified that the poverty she was targeting was not only the lack of financial resources, but poverty of the mind, poverty of skills and other forms of poverty.

Oduah said that she did not believe that God created some people to be poor and others rich; adding that her political ambition was to positively impact her people and completely liberate them.

In My zone, we have so much poverty, not in terms of physical wealth; it is poverty of the mind, lack of skills and poverty in all ramifications.

It is a painful thing for me, I took it upon myself to go round the communities in my zone, and what I saw is physical poverty: I shook hands with poverty.

I survived that experience and promised myself that it is not in vain, it is for a purpose, I wanted to understand how and what I can do to help.

My conclusion was that if I am to make any difference, I must start with the fundamentals, and that is; a man, who is wallowing in poverty and cannot fend for his family, will not understand what infrastructure means.

So it has to be first things first, that is why we start with the youths and women, to bequest human capital development on them, she said.

The former Minister of Aviation said that her focus for empowerment would be on women and youths, arguing that in many communities, the larger number of the subsistence farmers, were women.

She said that she was training women in her constituency to acquire more skills in farming so that they could have enough for their families.

The senator said that after the training, the plan was to attract industries so that those women who could farm in large scale would have companies to take up what they were not consuming.

For the youths, Oduah said that she was working to harness their skills and harvest them into responsible Nigerians.

The youths represent 70 per cent of our population and they grow in double digits, if we do not empower them, then we are waiting for a time bomb.

What we try to do is look at their innate skills and harness them; in doing that, we are harvesting them as responsible citizens of these communities.

We have trained not less than 800 and we will keep doing that. We are hoping that Anambra North, will become the ICT Hub for the region, she said.

Oduah, who sponsored the recently passed South East Development Commission Bill (SEDC) stressed that there was no need remaining in politics if she could not affect her people positively.

My message is to look at the essence of politicking and what it should serve and what it serves.

I believe politics should serve as a platform to impact positively and to drive one’s passion.

My Passion is to have a fundamental change in how we do things and how we impact on the underprivileged.

I always believe that prosperity must be shared, must be for all and I do not believe that God decides that few people should be wealthy and others should wallow in poverty, she said.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria