IOM DTM Rapid Assessment – Flash Report IDPs Departure from Damboa Town – Damboa LGA (Local Government Area) 8 July 2019

As per the recent displacements of 9,432 individuals as of 21 – 27 May 2019 from Sabon Gari community to Damboa town. A total number of 142 households (710 individuals) are hosted in Unity camp phase 2, and 156 households (717 individuals) are accommodated in classrooms at GSS Damboa (SSS Quarters). The rest of the displaced population or 8,005 individuals including the vulnerable groups were staying in the open areas without shelter by GSS Damboa (SSS Quarters).

From 13 June – 4 July 2019, out of the 8,005 individuals previously displaced from Sabon Gari community who were living in the open spaces by GSS Damboa (SSS Quarters). A total number of 45 households (258 Individuals) departed from Damboa LGA to Nzuda Wuyaram and Azur/Multe/Forfor wards within Damboa LGA and Mandaragirau ward in Biu LGA.

The departed population comprised of 28 households (162 individuals) departing to Azur/Multe/Forfor ward , 9 households (53 individuals) to Nzuda Wuyaram ward in Damboa LGA while the rest of the population – 8 individuals (43 households) departed to Mandaragirau ward in Biu LGA including the vulnerable groups who were also staying in the open areas without shelters by GSS Damboa (SSS Quarters). They include 162 children, 55 women and 41 men.

Reportedly, they departed as a result of poor living conditions: inadequate shelter, food and livelihood. Majority departed in search of farmlands as agricultural activities was their major source of income in their area of initial displacement.

So far, a total of 261 households (1,134 individuals) were relocated from GSS Damboa (SSS Quarters) to a temporary site, Technical College Damboa, between 2 – 8 July 2019.

Source: International Organization for Migration