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ITU opens bid for 2018 World Triathlon Series

The International Triathlon Union (ITU) has opened bidding process to host World Triathlon Series (WTS) and World Cup events in 2018.

Cities interested in hosting events have been requested to send their applications to the governing body before the June 20 deadline.

The WTS is the sport’s premier series and features up to 10 races per year, with athletes competing for the world title and the $2 million (Pound 1.5 million/Euros 1.8 million) prize pool.

ITU President, Marisol Casado has claimed the series offers cities the opportunity to receive international exposure.

The World Triathlon Series is the pinnacle of our sport, and brings the world’s best triathletes to a city, offering international exposure to a global audience, and a live thrilling atmosphere of the elite level racing, said Casado.

Triathlon as a sport continues to grow around the globe, attracting thousands of triathletes and spectators to our events, and we offer the cities the possibility of hosting one of our exciting events, an ideal way to promote sport, and the city gaining international attention.

The ITU state the series attracts on-site spectators for the series are upwards of one million annually, with events comprised of either Olympic or sprint distances races.

An hour long magazine show is produced from each event, as well as live internet coverage, social media exposure and worldwide news distribution.

The 2018 WTS Grand Final has already been awarded to Gold Coast, with the Australian city set to stage the event in September next year.

It will come six months after Gold Coast stages the Commonwealth Games.

The second tier World Cup circuit is aimed to provide a platform for athletes seeking to achieve entry to the WTS, as well as offering qualification opportunities to major multi-sport events.

Cities who bid to stage WTS or World Cup events by June 20 will be notified on September 10 if they have been successful.

Source: Voice of Nigeria