Jubilation, Relief, As Philanthropist Renovates Eresoyen Primary School, Uhogua

BENIN CITY – Shouts of jubilation have been the order of the day in Uhogua, Community in Edo State since Eresoyen Primary School was renovated by a Philanthropist, Dennis Ainabel Iseghohime of Ihumudumu Illeh Ekpoma , founder and Director of Nicholas Auto Solutions (NAS), South Africa, Founder of ROTBW Foundation.


The state of the school had long been a pain in the hearts of the indigenes and traditional leaders, as Mr Iseghohime found out when he paid a visit to the Enogie of Uhogua dukedom, HRH Prince Osagumwenro Eki Eresoyen at his palace on November 4th, 2020 after HRH graced his father’s funeral with his presence.


“The government had abandoned our primary school for decades, until you came to put smiles on our faces with your kind-heartedness,” Pa Pule Imade, an elder of Uhogua dukedom wrote in a message to Mr Iseghohime. “Our school has become one of the best in our locality.”


“After meeting with the chiefs and elders, I asked HRH to let me know whatever he wanted me to do for him,” said Mr Iseghohime, from whom the community of Ihumudumu Illeh Ekpoma has in past and recent times received contributions in deferent areas from.


In the true spirit of servant-leadership, HRH Osagumwenro Eki Eresoyen asked neither for a car nor for the renovation of his own house. Rather, he appealed for the renovation of Eresoyen Primary School, which was in a very poor shape and not conducive to learning, especially in the rainy season.




“He said he would really appreciate it if the primary school is taken care of. The pupils were always in tears because it was so hard for them to learn due to the rains, and the government had refused to take care of it,” Mr Iseghohime explained.


Mr Iseghohime, who in August this year published an appeal to the youths of his community to vote their consciences instead of money, immediately swung into action and drove to see the school.


“On getting to the school, I was shocked because it seemed to be a lot of work, but I wasn’t afraid. Why? God was already aware of it.”


Today, Eresoyen Primary School is sporting a new look, with the roofs, new boardmarker, Expansion of Classrooms, doors and windows refurbished and the entire school wearing a fresh coat of paint.


“All my subjects, including the teachers and the pupils in Eresoyen Primary School, Uhogua, are so grateful to you for transforming our dilapidated school into a modern school. May the good Lord and my ancestors continue to guide you in all your endeavours,” His Royal Highness, Prince Osagumwenro Eki Eresoyen wrote in a thank you message to Mr Iseghohime.


“Your kind of person is not easy to find,” wrote Pa Osazuwa Imaruagheru, the Odimwe of Uhogua. “Even though you are not a politician, you have done what the government could not do in our village. May Almighty God continue to bless the works of your hands.”


Malcolm X famously said, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” This seed sown into the lives of Eresoyen Primary School pupils today will definitely yield a future harvest that will benefit not the Uhogua community alone, but the African continent and the world at large.


Source: The Nigerian Observer