Jumblatt via Twitter: Oil and gas item on Cabinet agenda tomorrow like pre prepared feast to be munched

“Democratic Gathering” head MP Walid Jumblatt noted that the first item to be addressed tomorrow at the Cabinet meeting– which was distributed in an urgent way– is the oil and gas item “as if all related things were resolved to approve these decrees,” as he remarked.

“This matter looks like a feast pre-pared behind the scene to be devoured tomorrow,” MP Jumblatt said in a series of tweets on Tuesday.

In this regard, Jumblatt noted the absence of a national company and a sovereign Fund, with a valueless national body. He said that the Minister- regardless of his affiliation- enjoys all powers of regions’ distribution and bidding, not to mention the Ministry’s special fund.

Jumblatt said tomorrow’s meeting is akin to the “Godfather” Movie” and its famous saying “the offer cannot be refused.”

The MP wondered about the future of the Lebanese youth and whether Lebanon shall become a rogue oil state like Iraq or Nigeria, for example as he said.

“Stop this farce, this flagrant play, and this bad game,” Jumblatt concluded by saying.

Source: National News Agency