Kaduna State to establish infectious disease centres

The Kaduna State government says it is working to provide 20-30 bed stand-alone infectious disease treatment centres in every General Hospital of the State that has the space to accommodate it.

This was disclosed by the State Governor, Nasiru El-Rufai in a state broadcast on the steps taken in the COVID-19 containment efforts in the State.

According to him, enforcing the Quarantine Order allowed the government the needed time to improve the readiness of the health system and prevent it from being overwhelmed by an early wave of huge infections.

He said, COVID-19 treatment capacity has been expanded to 150 beds from the initial 16 beds at the infectious disease centre inherited, which was also upgraded and renovated.

Governor El-Rufai gave assurances that in a few days, 70 more beds will be available in two centres across the state as the government has retrofitted two hotels into temporary isolation centres and commenced construction of a new 136-bed infectious diseases treatment centre which is expected to be completed by the end of June 2020.

“Our state health system is certainly stronger positioned now than it was three months ago. With the support of the NCDC and our development partners, the State Ministry of Health has enhanced its capacity for robust tracing of contacts, testing of suspected cases and treatment of all infected persons,” the Governor said.

The Governor confirmed that testing capacity has also increased. From having no testing laboratory in March, Kaduna now has three NCDC-accredited centres.

“We have received one mobile testing vehicle from USAID which has multiplied our ability to do random testing in communities”. He said.

He said the state government recently imported 9,800 testing kits for the GeneXpert machines already installed in health facilities, including the Yusuf Dantsoho Hospital, Kaduna.

“These kits will enable us to use the eight GeneXpert machines in government hospitals to test samples collected by our health teams, and they have already been validated. Our goal is to test at least 50,000 residents within the next one month to provide the state government reliable data on Covid-19 infections”

Governor El-Rufai added that apart from treating infected persons, the government is actively searching the World market to procure more test kits.

Kaduna government has also announced the reopening of all social and financial sectors in the State but with the exception of schools and markets.

Source: Voice of Nigeria