Kano State Unveils Education Platform, Targets 25 Million Students

The Kano State Government has unveiled an education platform, the Nigeria Learning Passport (NLP) to make learning affordable for students.

The NLP is part of the Nigerian government’s education cloud project that provides e-learning from basic to tertiary for all learners

The Kano team leader, Nasiru Abdullahi Kwalli, stated this while briefing newsmen in Kano, saying that the universal programme is a joint partnership between Microsoft as host, technical support from UNICEF and the World Bank.

He disclosed that the NLP targets twenty-five million students by 2025

“NLP is a digital distant learning platform fortified online, mobile and offline capability with both audio and video for intended beneficiaries for free access to self-based learning.”

Mr Kwalli explained that the application has a language switch to accommodate mother tongue to cater for emergencies when schools are not accessible

According to him, the universal learning device allows each state to develop its local content and upload it to the website for the benefit of students.

“It enables the state to develop content and host it. We have content developers and productions studios where local content is developing and uploading to the website.”

The team leader also disclosed that the application was designed to work both online and offline for every student, adding that pupils can register through a known Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) line to access over 10,000 resources available in the system remotely at their convenience

“The advent of COVID-19 forces policy planners to come up with solutions that would enable students access learning at their convenience during an emergency.”

Mr Kwalli, further explained that the module has a self-assessment that enables pupils to assess their performance at the end of each lesson.

He disclosed that the Kano state government had approved 800 laptops for a start in about 20 schools, adding that there is ongoing training of teachers across the state to bridge the Digital gap

The team leader emphasized that the state government has assured residents of its readiness to provide the needed infrastructure

He added that the device is flexible and compliant in both urban and remote areas.

Source: Voice of Nigeria