Karen Igho still reeling from slap


When former BBA winner, Karen Igho set  out last Friday to support her ‘crazy’ friend and ex-SoundCity presenter, Denrele who  played host at the Smirnoff party, little did she know she would end up with a swollen face.

The ‘I-don’t-care celeb’, who left the comfort of her home to party all-night, got the slap of her life, when a security guard at the party dazed her on the face because she allegedly ‘refused to give him money’.


*Karen’s swollen face

After the sad incident, Karen whose face appears swollen, took to social network, Twitter, where she kept pouring out her ‘broken’ heart at the unexpected show of shame.

“Wow I got slapped at a smirnof party by a security guard! Is it because I’m a woman?”, she tweeted.

As if that wasn’t enough, she continued, “He loaded his gun and put it to my face at the car park. Said he would shoot me if I didn’t give him money. I said I didn’t have. He slapped me!Now my face is swollen and I’m in pain!All I wanted to do was to go support my friend, Denrele who hosted the event. I feel abused and hurt. The slap sent me landing on the floor and hitting my head.”

It’s been days now since the incident happened and Karen insists she must get justice.

“My team are on this. I’ve also called my lawyer. I know I have a good heart but I won’t let this go without fighting for justice because he might do it to someone else. Thank God he didn’t shoot me.”

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