KpareKpare Assemblyman Highlights Achievements in Bid for Re-election

KpareKpare – Mr. Isaac Kwaku Kaliwa, the Assembly member of the KpareKpare Electoral Area, has outlined his achievements in office while campaigning for re-election. In a conversation with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), Mr. Kaliwa discussed the progress made in various sectors during his tenure in the Municipal Assembly.

According to Ghana News Agency, his active involvement in the Assembly’s deliberations has significantly increased the visibility of the KpareKpare Electoral Area. He cited advancements in education, sanitation, and communication as key areas of development under his representation. Mr. Kaliwa elaborated on his efforts to establish two makeshift schools at Okuma-Akura and Adakope, addressing educational needs in his jurisdiction.

One of the major accomplishments highlighted by Mr. Kaliwa was improving communication connectivity in the area. He played a pivotal role in connecting the electoral area to a new MTN tower, effectively resolving longstanding network issues. Communities benefiting from this enhancement include Abongo-Akura, Papaye, Ayeremu, Chamba-Akura, Anyabour, Torgbe-Kope, Nwane, Survey Lane, and Chain-Tokuro.

In the realm of sanitation, Mr. Kaliwa pointed out his initiative to clear accumulated refuse heaps in some communities, thereby promoting cleanliness and enhancing the quality of life for residents.

Addressing the historically contentious relationship between farmers and herdsmen in the area, Mr. Kaliwa noted that his leadership contributed to a peaceful coexistence. He emphasized that, for the first time, farmers and herdsmen have been living without conflicts over cattle grazing, thanks to an amicable solution brokered under his guidance.

Despite these successes, Mr. Kaliwa acknowledged ongoing developmental challenges within the electoral area. He assured voters of his commitment to implementing collective strategies to address these issues if re-elected. He encouraged delegates to consider his experience and competence, underscoring his dedication to completing ongoing projects and initiating new ones to improve local livelihoods.