Kudos for Obaseki over ‘Edo Clean-up’ project

Following the removal of makeshift trading spots and illegal bus stops, as

well as the sweeping and clearing of refuse around the popular King’s

Square in Benin City by the Edo State Government, traders, motorists and

pedestrians have applauded the political will of Governor Godwin Obaseki

for bringing to life, the beauty of the city.The government of Edo State, on Monday, embarked on a clean-up process at

Ring Road as part of the implementation of the ‘Edo Clean-up’ Project

aimed at decongesting major areas in the city centre and restoring order

and sanity to the metropolis.

The process, which was executed by the state’s Task Force on Environmental

Sanitation, was ordered by Governor Godwin Obaseki, who has demanded the

restoration of the serenity of the affected areas in the state capital.

Some residents hailed the sanitisation measures, with Johnson Omoregie, a

businessman and lawyer describing the former situation as sickening and

making nonsense of the amount spent by the last administration on

beautifying the affected areas, especially Ring Road.

For his part, Tony Obinne, a trader, praised clean up the areas calling

for sustainability because negligence by the task force slacked would

encourage the scourge to return.

In addition, motorists hailed the clean-up as it facilitated smooth flow

of traffic. They, however, pleaded with the government to open new markets

for the displaced traders and ensure that all traders in the state stayed

within market parameters.

Before, the refuse dumped everywhere would block the drainages

constructed by Oshiomhole, which reduced the incidents of floods in the

affected areas. Now that the rains are here, the government’s measures are

timely. The street traders may prove stubborn people, so the government

must use ‘iron hands’ if it wants result, a resident and housewife, Madam

Grace Ikpokpoh warned.

Source: Edo State Government