Lagos begins capping of controversial dumpsite

The Lagos state Government, southwest Nigeria, says it has started the capping exercise to end environmental hazards caused by the fumes emanating from the Olusosun Dumpsite in Ojota area of the state.

The State Commissioner for Environment, Mr Babatunde Durosinmi-Etti made this known at the 2018 Ministerial Press Briefing organized to commemorate the 3rd year in office of the state Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode.

Mr Durosinmi-Etti mentioned that the state is aware of the health implication of fumes to the residents of the area and would ensure that all the necessary efforts towards making the site environmental friendly is achieved.

The capping exercise according to him is the covering of the landfill fires spots with sand thereby removing oxygen which fueled the burning sites.

There are surface and deep-seated fires. When the fire begins at a dumpsite scene, from the surface it goes deep into it. And Landfill fires is being fuelled by emitted gas which is trapped under the waste as a result of bio-decomposition of waste which is under the ground.

And when the gas is mixed with oxygen, it becomes more violent and burns seriously.

And in an attempt to quench the fire, the first thing to do is to remove oxygen from the burning flame so as to reduce the inflammability of the fire and that is what we have started, Durosinmi-Etti said

He said that Olusosun site, spans about 47 hectares of land was created in 1992, at a time when the state was sparsely populated and that government has ordered residents of the area to evacuate temporarily till the site is finally capped and the fumes subsided.


The Commisisoner said that the state has been paying attention to the aesthetics of the environment.

He observed that the state bourgeoning population has led to the increase in the tonnes of waste generated on a daily basis and the state is hampered by the inadequate space to dumb huge wastes collected.

He stated that more dumpsites have been created to cater for this.

Critical to the realization of this objectives is the promotion of Waste Recycling as a waste reduction strategy.

To date, 398 recycling related facilities have been registered while 2,874,319kg materials ranging from cartons, cans pet bottles paper have been recovered and recycled within the last one year.

Prior to the closure of Olusosun earlier in the year, all our dumpsites including Olusosun, Solous ll, Ewu-Elepe and Epe dumpsites remained active as they received over 459,000 Metric Tonnes of waste between June 2017 and February 2018. Waste deposited at Olusosun within this period was 226,541.5 Metric Tonnes while Solous all received 80,385.5 Metric Tonnes of waste, Commissioner added

The Commissioner who reeled out the progressive achievement of the Ministry in the last one year to include provision of Recreation Centers, water and sanitation, regulation and enforcement said that the state has been consistent in ensuring that corporate organisations, groups and individuals conduct their activities without abusing the environment.

According to him: Let me quickly emphasise that Lagos State abhors all forms of environmental infractions and therefore strengthened its regulatory agencies to enforce compliance to standard and regulations, and curb all unsanitary behaviour by applying the required penalties.

Cleaner Lagos Initiative

He maintained that the Cleaner Lagos Initiative remained the solution towards delivering efficient and effective solid waste management in Lagos state with its attendant benefits such as job creation and healthy environment.

He said: As promised by the Administration of Governor Ambode, we have entered a new dimension with the engagement of about 13,958 Community Sanitation Workers for the sweeping of inner streets in the 377 political wards of Lagos state.

Likewise, the Waste Collector Operators other known as PSP operators have now been charged with the responsibility of managing residential and general waste collection, while Visionscape Sanitation Solutions now has the mandate of implementing waste management infrastructure development across the state, in addition to intervening in public waste collection to cover any services lapses that may occur.

Mr Durosinmi-Etti reassured the residents that government would continue to engage individuals and companies willing to partner to achieve a functional and sustainable environment, as the state would create more jobs through the initiatives.

Source: Voice of Nigeria