Lagos pays over N9bn for retirees entitlements

The Lagos state government says it has paid over N9 billion as terminal entitlements of retirees in the last one year.

The Lagos state Commissioner for Establishment, Training and Pensions, Dr. Akintola Benson- Oke gave the indication while speaking at the 2018 Ministerial Press Briefing to mark the 3rd year in office of the state Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode at the Bagauda Kaltho, Press Centre, Ikeja, Lagos.

The Commissioner who noted that over N35 billion had been paid in the Retirement Savings Accounts of about 8,731 retirees, deceased or withdrawn staff since 2015, said that the state has also been consistent in the Pension Reductions and Remittances with the help of automation of the pay roll system.

There have been regular deductions of 7.5% of monthly basic salary, rent and housing allowances from the salaries of staff and corresponding 7.5% by the State Government into the Retirement Savings Accounts maintained by them with their appointed PFAs. This has been achieved due to automation of the Payroll which automatically ensures deductions/ remittances of pension contributions, Commissioner said.

Dr Benson-Oke said that the Ministry has also been consistent in the payment of Pension, Death benefits, continuous sensitization of retirees on the activity of scammers, educating and informing the workers who are at the verge of retirement on the steps expected to take to facilitate the quick processing of thier terminal entitlements among others.

Training Workshops

While reading out the score card on the training organised in the last one year for the state’s Civil servants, the Commissioner stressed that the training department mandated to develop a highly skilled workforce for optimal performance has delivered.

One of the notable services embarked upon this year relates to extensive capacity building and manpower training through private sector sponsored.

We secure His Excellency’s authorisation to pursue and implement a set of ‘Outside-the-box’ initiatives that wil exponentially expand the execution of the mandate of the Ministry in the area of manpower training with scarce government resources, he added.

He further stressed that the training programmes developed for 2018 cut across all cadres of the state civil service which comprise, Local Workshops/Conference and Seminars, In-Plant and Tailor-made Workshops and International Workshop/seminar and conferences.

Some of other highlighted achievements of the Ministry to include: Training Programmes for about 3,520 officers that attended 35 In-plant Training Programmes Service-wide.

International training for 9 top government officials among others.

Labour Unions

Describing the strike actions by the Labour Unions which hitherto affect governance as a result of unhealthy relationship between the Government and the Union, Dr. Benson -Oke eulogised the Labour unions in the state for a mutual working relationship with the government.

According to him this is the first time in history of Lagos state that a government will run for three years without having any issue with the Labour Union, since inception of the state since 1967. He thanked the Union for the cordial atmosphere and promised to continue a smooth working environment with them.

He cited the quarterly interactive sessions between the Union and the state Governor, provision of 12 vehicles and approval of some Union leaders on International training as testimony to the concrete relationship with the Union.

The Lagos State Chairman house committee on Establishment, Training, Pensions and Public Service, Hon. Adedayo Famakinwa said that the oversight function of the state’s Assembly on the restructuring of the civil service has been made possible with the support of the state governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode in raising the status of the Civil service to compete favourably to others within and outside the shore of the country.

He maintained that the relationship among the three tiers of the government had been very robust and this has helped in reshaping history in the state’s public service.

Source: Voice of Nigeria