Lawmakers investigate production of soft drinks

The House of Representatives is to investigate the production and distribution of drinks made by the Nigerian Bottling Company and other companies producing soft drinks in the country.

This resolution followed a motion on the need to protect Nigerians from harmful effects of Fanta and Sprite Beverages produced by the Nigerian Bottling Companies.

Mr.Rotimi Agunsoye from Lagos State, sponsor of the motion informed the House that recent publications on two of the products of the Nigerian Bottling Company were alleged to have the potential to cause severe and terminal harm to unsuspecting consumers.

He explained that products by the company from Nigeria tested by the United Kingdom Health Authorities were allegedly discovered to be harmful for human consumptions.

Mr. Agunsoye expressed dismay that the only reaction by the Company to the stunning verifications was that the products were never intended to be taken outside the country, which by implication was projecting the Bottling Company as not having any regards for the lives of Nigerians.

Source: Voice of Nigeria