Leah Sharibu, family laments, 100 days in captivity

It’s been one hundred days since Leah Sharibu and the other 109 students of the Government Girls Science and technical College, Dapchi, Busari Local Government Area of Yobe State were abducted by suspected Boko Haram members on February 19.

While most of them were returned on March 21, 2018, Leah Sharibu still remains in captivity, while five others were reported dead while in captivity.

Leah’s father, Mr. Nathan Sharibu, told Voice of Nigeria that he is yet to hear any news about his daughter since she was abducted along with the other 109 students.

Mr. Sharibu said even if the government was making efforts, he had never been informed or contacted by either the state or Federal Government on the efforts they are making to ensure the safe return of their daughter, while appealing to them to help him and his family by putting in more efforts towards the negotiation for Leah’s release.

I feel very, very sad about this; because today is 100 days my daughter is in captivity. Apart from my Christian brothers and some Muslim brothers, I have never heard from any Federal or State Government group saying something concerning my daughter up to this time around. Directly I have never heard anything from them. I am just hearing rumours they talk through meeting this and that, but personally, whether they call me through phone or they meet me or visited me in my house, they never do it, lamented Mr. Sharibu.

Leah Sharibu, who just clocked 15 recently this month while still in captivity, has been dreaming of one day becoming a medical doctor, who would care for the sick and ensure that solutions are rendered to some of the world’s diseases is still held bound by suspected Boko Haram members.

The parents, Mr. Nathan Sharibu and Rebecca Sharibu are worried sick because they say they have not heard any word of encouragement from either the government or any international or local organisation trying to bring succour to them.

Mr. Sharibu said his wife, who has been in and out of hospital due to the trauma of not knowing where or how her daughter has been fairing, had been trying to cope with the situation.

He however said because of her closeness to Leah, she kept dreaming about her return.

While he called on the international community to continue with the efforts they are making, he is also appealing to the abductors to consider their plight and have pity on them by releasing their daughter, Leah.

I am pleading with them that as they kindly released the other Muslim sisters, her colleagues, let them see reason and release my daughter too, because now children are in school, let her come and continue her school too, Mr. Sharibu pleaded.

It was gathered that while the other Dapchi School Girls were released, Leah was asked to either deny her faith and be released, or she be kept bound in their captivity.

To this end the governments at both the Federal and State levels have promised to ensure that Leah is released and returned to her parents in one piece.

With Nigeria’s democracy now running for 19 years continuously, Leah’s parents say they are hopeful that the dividend of democracy will trickle down to them.

Source: Voice of Nigeria