Men’s Fellowship of Covenant Family Community Church undertakes maiden health initiative

The Kingsmen Fellowship of the Covenant Family Community Church has commenced its first health project, which includes health screenings and blood donation.

The event, which was held at the church’s premises in Accra, witnessed church members and community members donate blood and screened for various health complications, including malaria, blood sugar, and blood pressure.

It also formed part of the activities to commemorate the yearly Father’s Day celebration.

Mr. Dennis Osei-Manu, the General Overseer of the Church, bemoaned the emerging habits of materialism and monetization of everything in the country.

He charged Christians in the country to adopt a communal perspective towards one another in order to collectively solve societal problems.

‘I believe that we all must have a heart for helping one another, which is very crucial for society. In this country, we are becoming more of ourselves, thinking only about ourselves. The Lord did not create us to be like that; we want to be people who care for on
e another.

‘I want to encourage Ghanaians not to put money ahead of everything. Even a little help will make people want to charge you. We should not allow money to be the goal of our lives,’ he said.

The blood donation exercise, he noted, reflected the Christian values of the Church of helping the needy and the vulnerable in the society.

Mr. Prince Charls Amoah, President of the Kingsmen Fellowship said churches must demonstrate commitment to the physical and spiritual development of their communities.

‘We live in a community where as a Church we are not supposed to detach ourselves from the community. We are supposed to impact the society so that we do not only preach Christ but also look at their well-being.

We should also not solely focus on their spiritual needs but their health is also important. We want to have a full human being devoid of any health challenges, ‘he said.

Mr. Amoah revealed that the fellowship had planned to undertake several other projects, including evangelism, in subsequent mo
nths to promote Christian values.

Mr. Gideon Sackitey, a donor and a church member, said he was motivated to participate in the event due to the prevailing challenge of the blood deficit at the Ghana Blood Service.

He urged other churches to organise events to promote God’s words and Christianity.

The Church was joined by health professionals from the Bank Hospital and the National Blood Service to conduct the exercise.

Source: Ghana News Agency