RABAT– Morocco and Nigeria says bilateral relations have been strengthened with the just concluded visit to the Kingdom by President Muhammadu Buhari at the invitation of King Mohammed VI.

The visit on Sunday and Monday had reinforced the positive bilateral relationship since the visit to Abuja in December 2016 by the King, who, along with President Buhari, affirmed their will to create a model of South- South co-operation, according to a joint communique issued here Monday the conclusion of the visit.

The communique added that the King and President Buhari welcomed the significant progress made in various areas of co-operation, such as agriculture, fertilizer production, energy infrastructure and mining.

They noted the milestones achieved and underscored their commitment to the Regional Gas Pipeline project, which will connect Nigeria’s gas resources, along with those of some other West African countries, with Morocco, thereby fostering integration and development of countries in the West African region.

The two Heads of State also noted the important progress made in other areas of co-operation, as evidenced by the agreement between OCP of Morocco and the Fertilizer Producers and Suppliers Association of Nigeria to invest in fertilizer production; and the Memorandum of Understanding between OCP and the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority on the establishment of a Basic Chemicals Platform, specifically to develop a significant Ammonia Production Plant.

The two Heads of State also agreed to develop a partnership in the field of agriculture, particularly through the signing of a co-operation agreement on vocational training and technical supervision.

Referring to regional and international issues of mutual interest and concern, the King and President Buhari confirmed their willingness to consult and co-ordinate the positions of the two countries in regional and international organizations, including the African Union.