Most Holy Trinity: An incomprehensible reality says Government House Chaplain

Amawbia (Awka South LGA)-Government House Chaplain, Rev. Fr. Patrick Okafor says The Most Holy Trinity is an incomprehensible reality.

He described at as a basic doctrine of Faith in Christendom: “that is understood not with our heads but with our hearts’’.

“The Mystery teaches us that there are three distinct Persons in one God, sharing the same Divine Nature, Co-equal and Co-eternal, a dogma of Christian Faith.’’

Fr. Okafor said this at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church Amawbia in a homily to mark the Feast of The Most Holy Trinity.

He noted that Christian Religion alongside Judaism, Islam believe in Monotheism.

“Judaism and Islam believe in radical, absolute and Unitarian Monotheism but Christianity goes the extra mile to say that there are Trinitarian Monotheism.

“There are two outstanding mysteries of the Church; the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity and the mystery of incarnation.’’

The cleric emphasised that all prayers in the Church begins in the name of the Holy Trinity and end glorifying the Trinity.

“All the Sacraments are administered in the name of the Holy Trinity. We have clear references of the Holy Trinity in the New Testament; at the Annunciation, at the Baptism of Jesus Christ and at the Ascension.

“The Gospel of John gives a detailed account of Jesus’ teaching of the role of each Person of the Holy Trinity: God the Father, Creator; God the Son, Redeemer; and God the Holy Spirit, Sanctifier.’’

According to him, the Holy Trinity celebrates each other’s differences, accommodating each other, noting that there is unity in diversity.

He urged Christians to respect themselves, others because everyone was the temple of the Holy Spirit, where the Trinity resided.

“Be convinced that the Trinity abides in us as our source of hope, courage and strength.

“Let us practice Trinitarian relationship of love and unity in our homes and society at large.’’

The chaplain also admonished those, who fail to put on face masks to Mass on Sundays to comply with the directives reeled out by the state government to avoid embarrassment.

He explained that Gov. Willie Obiano had signed into law the Anambra State COVID-19 and other Dangerous Diseases Preventive and Eradication Bill.

The cleric, then, enjoined all to obey the constituted authority, comply with hygiene protocols, established so as to avoid being penalised.

Source: Anambra State Government