Nafdac seizes regulated cough syrups

Nigeria’s National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), says it seized 135 kilogrammes of cough syrup with codeine believed to be worth about N4 million in Sokoto state.

According to its Commander, Mr Misbahu Idris the seized consignments were concealed in 69 cartons at an uncompleted building at the Tamaje area, Eastern bye-pass road, Sokoto.

Idris said we have already arrested the owner of the consignments and he is now in our custody; he will be Arraigned soon.

This is a very obnoxious act and there is no business that can fetch such money swiftly, but we are determined to put any Shylock and unpatriotic businessman or woman out of the deadly market, he added.

Idris vowed to conduct further and thorough investigations on the unbecoming development.

The cough syrup, especially the one with codeine was one of the commonly abused drug by both young men and women in the state.

The syrup was being used as intoxicant if abused and could cause adverse effects on both the user and the society.

On its website, Nafdac described Codeine is an opiate used for its analgesic (pain reliever) and more commonly antitussive effect(cough suppressant) in cough syrups. Codeine containing cough syrups are effective in the management of certain cough.

Nafdac said it however has a high potential for abuse and may present some serious adverse reactions to the user. For that reason, access to codeine containing cough syrups has been restricted in several countries including Nigeria.

Nafdac listed some of the known adverse effects of codeine to include: respiratory depression; hallucination and physical dependence as a result of continued use.

In collaboration with other agencies like the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria (PCN), National Drug Law Enforcement Agency(NDLEA) and National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development(NIPRD) Nafdac is working to arrest the increasing abuse of these cough syrups in Nigeria.

Source: Voice of Nigeria