National Assembly should revoke same-sex marriage judgement: ACCN

The Alliance of Christian Churches Namibia (ACCN) on Friday called on the National Assembly to use its power to repeal the judgement made by the Supreme Court on 16 May, recognising same-sex marriage conducted outside Namibia.

In a letter addressed to the Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security (MoHAISS), Albert Kawana, ACCN Board of Trustees’ Executive Chairperson, Dolly Nengushe, said the Supreme Court did not take into consideration the interest of the public when making its decision, saying that the National Assembly should use its legislative power to pass laws in Namibia to revoke this judgement.

The ACCN, along with other Namibians against the Supreme Court’s ruling, gathered in front of the MoHAISS on Friday for a demonstration.

She also stated that the ACCN legal team concluded that the principles of common law referenced in the full court report is from a foreign judiciary and claimed that it undermines the sovereignty of the Namibian judicial system.

“The ruling is an infringement on the sovereignty of the Republic of Namibia and does not carry out the support of the majority electorate,” said Nengushe.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency