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New Report From ApplyBoard Highlights Need For Alignment Across International Education Sector

ApplyBoard’s third annual trends report uncovers the top trends in international education for 2024 and beyond

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, Nov. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ApplyBoard, the leading international student mobility technology platform, has released its third annual trends report, intended to help stakeholders in international education navigate the increasingly competitive sector landscape. The report, Alignment for Student and Institution Success: Top Trends in International Education for 2024 and Beyond, leverages extensive industry data, proprietary ApplyBoard intelligence, exclusive surveys, and candid student interviews to uncover the trends most likely to impact student mobility in the coming years.

Demand for international education is at an all-time high. In each of Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, student visa applications rose by at least 23% in 2022, and numbers continued to rise through 2023. With so many students going abroad, the report argues that it is essential that governments, institutions, and businesses align programs, policies, and priorities to develop more pathways for prosperity for all stakeholders. For example, institutions can better ensure student success by working with businesses to identify workforce needs and designing programs that train students capable of filling them.

“More than ever, alignment is needed across the international education sector to ensure the success of students and institutions alike,” says Meti Basiri, Co-Founder and CEO of ApplyBoard. “When governments, institutions, and businesses work collectively in pursuit of common goals, students receive a better educational experience and are better positioned to succeed during and after their studies. At ApplyBoard, we’re committed to working with our partners to bring this standard to life.”

Key findings from this year’s report include:


  • Major English-speaking destination countries face increased competition from non-Anglophone destination markets entering 2024.
  • Aging destination markets need skilled workers in areas like health and STEM, but institutions need to better align student inflows with these job market needs in order to both fill these roles and ensure student success. 
    • Job demand in health care is expected to grow by at least 13% by 2031 in both Canada and the US. Aging populations require increased health care services, and international students will be critical for filling the gaps.
    • Destination markets will face significant skills shortages in STEM in the coming years, but lack of knowledge and mentorship regarding these fields mean international students are not well positioned to address these shortages.
  • Replacing retirees will require alignment on stay-and-work messaging: 48% of students interested in studying in North America and the UK are looking for a clear path to permanent residency post-degree.
  • Housing shortages, upcoming elections and new government policies will all shape student sentiment in the years to come.
  • Student diversity is needed to ensure the long-term health of the international education sector. Nigeria, the Philippines, and Colombia are three countries where strategic recruitment efforts could pay dividends for institutions.


Uncover these insights and more by reading ApplyBoard’s Trends Report online here.

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