NGO to address Boy-child challenges in Nigeria

A Non-governmental boychild Advocacy organisation in Nigeria, popularly known as OMOKURIN is set to hold an event to address the realities of the Boychild, his immediate environment and his challenges in Nigerian Society.

The event with the theme : The Boychild, His Realities and The Future of Work , was originally billed  to hold physically in 20  Local government areas of Lagos but for the ongoing Coivid-19 Pandemic, will now take place via online platform which employs flexibility.

Speaking on the programme, the Convener of the group, Benjamin Sarumi said the advocacy is concerned about the increased prevalence of rascality, rape and substance abuse amongst the Boychild.

He noted that the organisation is passionately concerned about boychild conditions, his actions and in-actions as they affect his home, his society, his future, the female gender, leadership and the world at large.

Sarumi who is conscious of the vulnerabilities of the Male gender in the society pointed that though not at the mercy of the public; but the advocacy realised that boys too need help.

“Our overview is not geared at generating gender war, but focused at easing and eradicating the supply chain of society’s challenges because boys too have issues. We understand that a boy today becomes a man tomorrow. We are aware of the need to Help Boys Help Girls,” he said.

Recall that a group of young men and ladies popularly referred to as One Million Boys were recently apprehended by men of the Nigerian police for terrorising many communities in Lagos and other areas  of Ogun state.

Responding to the development, the OMOKURIN convener noted that for some of these young men and ladies, the reality is all about the home, family and vices protection based as the effect might be a growing insurgency budding within the communities, schools and homes.

“One Million Boys and a number of other sects are not Non Government Organisations, but a shared resolve amongst Boys,” he said.

Addressing further, the OMOKURIN crooner disclosed that the organisation has successfully narrowed its operations to Passion, Leadership and Career; which employs Engagement, Enlightenment and Empowerment.

“We love to fuel the mind, fuel the soul and transform realities to the level of greatness being made common,” he revealed.

Meanwhile, facilitators for the online event scheduled for the month of May 2020 are drawn from fields such as: Family and Youth Empowerment Enthusiasts, Behaviourists, Human Resource Executives, Information Technologists, and the Civil Society.

Source: Voice of Nigeria