NGO to empower Nigerian women

A Nongovernmental organisation in Nigeria, Prime Unique Women initiative, PUWI, says it is targeting to empower more women in the country.

The Chief Executive Officer of the NGO, Dr Folake Yobah, said in Abuja that the main objective of the NGO is to reach out to vulnerable women in Nigeria.

She said that she will empower the women through training and exposure to international agencies.

When you empower a woman, you empower the society. Women are prudent and good managers of resources. A woman would never think about squandering money at a joint. Once a woman gets money, the first thing she thinks about is her family and how to make it better, Dr. Yobah said.

She noted that the vision of PUWI is to go all out to empower women at all levels.

Dr. Yobah also said What we are out to do is to improve on humanity. What we are doing, we want to appreciate women. We want to make sure that we recognize those who are doing very well and we also want to go to those who are less privileged, those who are suffering. We want to make them better and enjoy life better. We know that the most vulnerable species are the women. Women are very very strategic in everything you can think of in life.

She added that widows of military men who paid the supreme price for Nigeria would also be reached.

The Chief Executive Officer of the NGO, also said that women bear the brunt of all the crisis in Nigeria and are exposed to danger.

The widows are very important because it’s like when you are supposed to have two hands but you have one. So we are paying attention to widows. Especially, the wives of soldiers and so on who have laid down their lives to make sure that Nigeria is one. We want to locate them and empower them.

She pointed out that even if there are a million women NGOs in Nigeria working on women, it will still not be enough and women have lots of needs that must be met, adding that Prime Unique Women Initiative would do things differently with determination.

Also speaking at the media parlay, the Executive Director of PUWI Mr Nse Clement, said that the NGO aims to give Nigerian women a better life.

He said that the vision of PUWI focuses on women empowerment for nation building.

He added that the organisation would build a sustainable platform for women development and security through capacity building and empowerment.

Source: Voice of Nigeria