Niger State reiterates commitment to safeguard pension funds

The Niger state government in North central Nigeria, has restated commitment to safeguard and manage pension funds of Civil Servants in the State.

The Director General of the state Pension Board, Mohammed Usman Tinau, who mentioned this in Minna, the state Capital, disclosed out that the state government has increased  the lead managers of the pension fund administrators from one to five for urgent and efficient  results.

This came with the reintroduction of the Contributory Pension Scheme which was earlier suspended due to agitations by Labour Union in the State.

“Unlike in the past that only one lead Manager from the 19 Pension Funds Administrators PFAs in the state  was appointed  to manage the entire contributions of civil servants in the State,” Tinau said

According to Tinau, the five PFAs selected to be lead managers of  the contributions, are to manage both State and local government staff respectively.

The Director General, Niger State Pension Fund, Alhaji Usman Tinau, further mentioned that about  22,000 Workers of  the state civil service have already been enrolled in the Contributory Pension Scheme.

He however, said that the Organized labour in the  State was fully represented in the committee that recommended the resumption of the Contributory Pension Scheme, to Civil Servants in the State.



Source: Voice of Nigeria