Nigeria aims to become first country to achieve SDG goals

Nigeria aims to become the first country to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs within a period of 14 years, according to the head of a Nigeria-based power and energy corporation.

Food security is a critical issue in the West African nation, where smallholder farming accounts for the majority of food production and up to 60 per cent of food is lost or wasted because of storage and transport problems.

Tonye Cole, Executive Director and co-Founder of the Sahara Group, has been instrumental in developing the Food Africa program with the government of Nigeria and the UN SDG Fund.

UNDP Goodwill Ambassadors, Roca brothers Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca of Spain are also partners in the project supporting sustainable farming and helping reduce food waste.

Mr Cole sat down with Jocelyne Sambira on the margins of the UN General Assembly.

Duration: 2’37?

Source: United Nations Radio.