Nigeria: Broadening Forensic Skills of the Nigeria Police

To broaden forensic skills in responding to crime and bolster information management of police affairs, the Nigeria Police Public Relations unit underwent training recently in Lagos, Chiemelie Ezeobi reports


For decades, the Nigeria Police has been dogged with institutional challenges that continuously scuttled attempts to reform it. One of the major challenges is the sub-par forensic investigation, often caused by a lack of appropriate equipment. Therefore, for the police to be at par with global standards, this must be addressed.


Essentially, the importance of forensics in an investigation cannot be overemphasised. This is because a poor or lack of forensic skills and equipment will affect the outcome of the investigation. Already, the Nigeria Police rely on tests taken out of the country for investigations to take place. What this does is hamper and delay the investigation, thereby ensuring that most cases drag for years.


Source: Africa Focus