Nigeria: Buhari – Niger Delta Militancy, Plot to Cause Chaos, Divisions

President Muhammadu has described the resurgence of the Niger Delta militancy as a plot by vested interests to cause chaos and divisions in the country.

President Buhari this morning in his Democracy Day nationwide broadcast, bemoaned the recent spate of attacks by militants disrupting oil and power installations in the Niger Delta region.

A group known as Niger Delta Avengers had continued to blow up oil and gas facilities in the region.

Buhari said the federal government was fully aware that those vested interests who had held Nigeria back for so long would not give up without a fight.

“They will sow divisions, sponsor vile press criticisms at home and abroad, incite the public in an effort to create chaos rather than relinquish the vice-like grip they have held on Nigeria,” Buhari stated.

He, however, assured that the disruption of oil and power installations would not distract his administration from engaging leaders in the region in addressing Niger Delta problems.

The president warned that “If the militants and vandals are testing our resolve, they are much mistaken.”

President Buhari also vowed that the government would apprehend the perpetrators and their sponsors and bring them to justice.

According to him, the policy measures and actions taken so far are not to be seen as some experiment in governance.

He said his administration was committed to implementing the United Nations Environment Programme report and was advancing clean-up operations.

Buhari said he believed the way forward was to take a sustainable approach to address the issues affecting the Delta communities, noting that “re-engineering the amnesty programmes is an example of this.”

Source: Daily Trust.