Nigeria deploys Technical Aid Corps volunteers in Sierra Leone

The Nigerian High Commissioner to Sierra Leone, Dr Habbis Ugbada, said on Wednesday that the Nigerian Government had deployed more than 500 Technical Aid Corps (TAC) volunteers in Sierra Leone.

Ugbada who stated this in Freetown on Wednesday added that discussions for more volunteers to be deployed in the country were on going.

On the Sept. 10, 2009, Nigeria signed bilateral a agreement with the government of Sierra Leone for the second phase of the Technical Aid Corps (TAC) programme, spanning over an eight-year period.

Nigeria has sent more than 500 volunteers to Sierra Leone in various capacities, thus contributing in no small measure to the development of the host country.

Currently, there are 15 TAC volunteers in the country, serving as doctors and nurses.

Talks are on-going to bring in more volunteers, as teachers, lawyers and engineers for human capacity building.”

TAC is a Nigerian international cooperation organisation through which Nigeria has been providing expertise support to many African and Caribbean countries for many years.

Ugbada added that the mission was currently working on resuscitating the joint commission agreement on trade and investment between both countries.

The joint commission is supposed to have been on by now. It is the turn of Nigeria to host the joint Commission. It could be in Lagos or Abuja.

Nigeria has taken step by writing the host country to submit some kind of intention to attend the joint Commission; but we are still waiting for their reply to be forwarded to Nigeria for the necessary arrangements ,” he added.

Ugbada, however, expressed the need for the government to adequately fund its various missions across the world saying, Missions are supposed to have adequate funding at the right time”.

He commended the Nigerian Government for taking appropriate steps to ensure that its various missions were adequately funded.

I believe President Muhammadu Buhari is taking very good steps towards that with the acceptance of the National Assembly, who are also working to ensure that various missions are well-funded.”

Source: Voice of Nigeria