Nigeria earmarks grants to boost tourism

The Nigerian Government says it is facilitating research grants for tourism to boost the Tourism sector.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information and Culture, Mrs Grace Gekpe, said this at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Federation of Tourism Association of Nigeria (FTAN).

Gekpe explained that the research grants would bring about substainable tourism methodologies, impacts of analysis, good practices and financing pilot schemes.

She said that the move would help to advance good practice and establish systems for the ongoing evaluation and monitoring which she said were key tools for sustainable tourism development, which comprised creative work.

The Permanent Secretary added that the creative work would undertake a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge covering all areas of human endeavour and its application to design and derive new applications.

The tourism research recommendations and advocacy when fully implemented will bring about tourism development.

FTAN as the umbrella body of tourism association and practitioners has a critical role in the establishment of sustainable tourism development in Nigeria.

The future well being of humanity and the planet depends on the effective coordination and balance between economic, socio-cultural activities and environmental protection to assure sustainability, Gekpe said.

She urged FTAN to endeavour to participate actively in international and regional initiatives and organise events that would promote the integration of sustainable growth and development of the sector.

On his part, the Director-General, National Orientation Agency, Dr Garba Abari, in his goodwill message, said tourism had became an eye catching industry all over the world because of the significant roles it plays.

He noted that tourism had helped in stimulating, consumption, promoting trade and enhancing international communication.

Tourism has become a major game changer for economics all around the world; popular industrialists and investors worldwide are interested in putting their money for long term investment.

The need for continued advancement both in the quality and innovation of tourism research cannot be overemphasised due to the industry’s importance and growth.

Tourism can only give its full contribution to Nigeria ‘s economy and social well being if government is awake to the potential of tourism possesses.

In the quest for sustainable tourism development, NOA will continue to advocate on behalf of the tourism sector the need for policies that deals with the growth and that will be based on solid research, he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Rabo Saleh, President of FTAN, in his welcome address, said the association being the mouth piece of the private sector and umbrella body of all tourism activities has decided to move the industry forward.

Saleh added that the association was able to secure a befitting National Secretariat, which has hosted various government agencies and international organisations.

The theme of the event is: Research and Advocacy for sustainable Tourism Development.

Source: Voice of Nigeria