Nigeria: FG Declares Nutrition Emergency in Borno

Health minister Isaac Adewole says malnutrition in Borno state is the first emergency the newly constituted ECOWAS Centre for Disease Control will deal with.

He declared a “nutrition emergency” in Borno, adding, “We stand to lose 80 children each day if we don’t do anything.”

He spoke after a meeting with representatives from Borno State, which has set up emergency team to look into the intense malnutrition affecting camps for internally displaced people.

The shames of not acting when insurgency took hold of Borno, picture from Bama 2016 where is humanity! – Kori Habib (@KorieUNFPA) June 24, 2016

He had to skip portions of it to flag off the inaugural meeting of the governing board of the ECOWAS Centre for Disease Control, which was delayed more than an hour and a half until his arrival.

A rapid response team put up over the weekend is to be merged with Borno’s response team, Adewole said.

Some 700 people, most of them children, are hospitalized for severe malnutrition after being rescued from Boko Haram captivity, according to reports.

Up to 61 are categorized as critically malnourished.

Some reports claim up to 376 people have been buried in the last three months and described those alive as “walking corpses.”

Source: Daily Trust