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Nigeria: How Politicians Diminish the Glow of Nigerian Entertainers

For many years, Nigerian entertainers have been enjoying favours from successive government , In this piece, ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM reveals some salient reasons why entertainers must not back governments for financial gains.

They are adorned in the make believe industry, showcasing a talent that’s is considered to be what the society depicts. Their oratory sometimes are fearsome, while their gaze could lure millions . They are the screen divas, they are Nigerian entertainers.

Their lives are filled with confusion, either due to what they act, or because of what they see in the European world. They marry and divorce, while some refused to even get hooked.

The sad story of the Goodluck Jonathan’s Administration broke the camels back as majority of the known Nigerian entertainers (Nollywood) in particularly put put all their energies in one basket, not because they love the ruler, then, but because it was easy to organise and get financial favours from him.

He was called the a supporter of the industry, and they came out in support of him. While during the campaign, they were on stage shouting and crying out loud, lampooning the incumbent , reigning all sort of abuses on him.

Some even called him a name that would be catastrophic putting it in print. It was a sad tale. Some entertainers gathered themselves after their palms have been greased to campaign for the ousted president not knowing that what God has written, no man can change.

Nobody knew that that would be the end the road for them visiting aso rock , as they have already soiled their names, even some entertainers appointed to head some directorates where also put to shame.

On the other side, the change entertainers, though young in their dealings, beloved that things would go well and didn’t fully support the past government nor the present, so they were like doing their profession in a realistic way.

Are Some entertainers still relevant?

No! They are not. They have already soiled their names by given all their energy to a particularly regime, forgetting that if that government is not in place, they should also work with the successive ones. They abused their fame, and shame their fans after the President Goodluck Jonathan, lost the Mohammadu Buhari.

A close associate hinted that they are confused and are wanting to close to the present administration, but are ashamed of what they have said against e current administration during the campaign period.

On Tuesday, the PMAN, Abuja , chapter visited one of the biggest supporter of entertainment not only in Abuja,but across the country. The GMD of Nanet Suites, Ini Akpabio in his office where he hosted the newly elected executives.

He raised some important issues when the association explained some of their objectives. He pointed out that entertainers must be careful the way they present themselves in public otherwise it would backfire and render them redundant.

“I will want this PMAN association to be non political group just like the AGN did during the President Goodluck Jonathan’s era.

“If you could remember, Immediately , after the President Goodluck government lost election, many of them have been embarrassed. They cannot come close to the present regime because they were political and supported a political party. So as a patron, I urge you to be neutral in your dealings so that we can move this association to a greater height.” He advised.

Some politicians are only there to use entertainers, and when they get what they want or did not, they dump them like a piece of rubbish. It is high time entertainers take their support as contracts and not opposition to avoid fadeout in the future.

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