About Us

The website of Nigerian News Digest has been made to gather the news from all the parts of Nigeria and publish it for its online news readers. Because of our news sources in every sector, we succeed in not skipping any news. Though the name of the website reveals that we deal with the news all across from Nigeria, yet we also cater to the news from all over the African region. One of the purposes of our news website is to contribute in making the African region progressive and helping it to achieve its ultimate goal and that is to stand beside other developed regions economically. This we do through highlighting both the Nigerian economic issues and the economic issues of other countries in this specific region, in our different Nigeria Press Releases. The website has been designed in a way that its visitors find easy to explore any news on the website.

The news on our website does not reveal any sort of hidden agenda and that is because we do not get off the track of true and professional journalism. The prominent element in the long journey of being in the news industry is our devotion to reveal only authentic news and it were not possible if we would not pay attention to keep checking the credibility of our news sources. As any news website focuses on publishing only authentic news, it paves a way for it to get the trust of people, and make them its regular readers. This is the first and last concern of our news website

The news website cannot be confined only to publishing news. It is also to provide different opportunities for various sorts of businesses to get recognized internationally. This is what we do as we offer different businesses to submit their different news releases and enter into the unexplored market of other regions and make loyal customers from those regions.

We have been in different social media websites since the beginning of our news website, and that is because we knew that only though social media websites we will be able to interact with our regular readers effectively. Social Media is the positive addition to overall news industry, as it helps the news websites, maintaining the highest standards by getting valuable feedbacks from readers about different news on our website. Our readers can also get our services such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds.