Nigeria: Shelter DMS/CCCM Monthly Factsheet – July 2020

Month Overview

Displacement influx of IDPs and Returnees into Damasak from surrounding villages and towns of Niger Republic because of insecurity has left 450HH comprising of 2,238 individuals insecure, unprotected and needing assistance. The 2,238 individuals have created a self-settlement camp although staying together as a group, are still homeless living in open spaces while some have occupied classrooms in a local school. Damasak is only one of the many locations that have recorded newly or secondary displaced persons and/or returns in the month of July. CCCM Rapid response teams made up of community volunteers and sector partners across all camp locations have engaged a multi-disciplinary activity implementation strategy/approach of responding to displacement influxes, mainstreaming COVID-19 response and monitoring, and activating the operational contingency response plans for the rainy season. As such, activities such as rapid impact assessments on rain damages and affected population by the flash floods and waterlogging have been carried out alongside the response to identified needs of COVID monitoring and awareness in camps, and provision of CCCM assistance to new arrivals and old caseload of IDPs.



Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees