Nigeria to revamp Nok Museum for tourism hub

The Nigerian government is to upgrade and explore new ways to make the Museum in NOK Community in Kaduna State, North-Western Nigeria a tourist hub as a way of diversifying the country’s economy.

Nigeria’s Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu disclosed this while being honoured with the title of Wey Sim Nok (The son that loves the Nok) by the district head of Nok, his royal highness, Mr. Banu Adamu in Kaduna State.

Dr. Onu, said that the present generation owed it a duty to improve upon the legacies of Nigeria’s forebears to enhance the country’s artefacts through innovation.

”We cannot have a rich past without having a bright future,” he added

He thanked the Nok people for the honour, adding that his visit was to appreciate the creativity, ingenuity, skill and aesthetic quality and technological know-how of the Nigeria’s forefathers.

”My visit to Nok is to demonstrate the fact that our ancestors, thousands of years ago utilised Science and technology to enhance their living,” he said.

The Minister also stressed the need to look at the larger picture of converting Nigeria’s cultural heritage to economic advantage for industrialisation.

The Nok Chief, his royal highness, Mr. Banu Adamu, said that the Nok people were impressed with the zeal and the passion in which the Minister is promoting the African heritage of art and culture in a bid to stimulate national development in the country.

Source: Voice of Nigeria