Nigeria: What We Miss in Chibundu, By Chinese Community

It was an emotional outpouring of encomium on the late former Nigerian Ambassador to China, Victor Chibundu, who died on June 8, 2016, at an honour service hosted at the weekend by the Chinese community in Nigeria, in appreciation of his ability to boost a people-to-people and government-to-government relationship during his tenure.

Families and the entire Chinese community, who gathered at the Chinese Town, Ojota, Lagos, said his enormous contribution to the developmental growth and positive robust bilateral relations recorded during his days as Ambassador to China, as well as the landmarks he made as founder cum chairman of the Nigeria-China Friendship Association (NICAF), which has given rise to the win-win scenario, are indelible in the sands of time.

Deputy Consul-General Li Yong, representative of Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, said in his address that the Consulate and Chinese association in Nigeria sent their condolences to the family of the deceased, who served as the chairman of Nigeria-China association and contributed immensely to the bi-lateral exchange in trade, economic, culture, education and personnel between the two countries.

“There is this old saying in China that ‘when drawing water, we will never forget those that rigged the well.’ Today, we are here to express gratitude for his great contributions. More Chinese investors and entrepreneurs would turn up in Nigeria to contribute not only to trade, but investment, plants, factories and local employments.

Mrs. Wang Yongjing, Chinese director of Confucius Institute at the University of Lagos, said the late Chibundu belonged to the class of people, who try to build and keep good relationships.

Source: The Guardian

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