Nigeria,Chad sign four Bilateral Agreements

Nigeria and the Republic of Chad have entered into four bilateral agreements aimed at improving relations and boosting economic activities between the two countries.

Speaking to Voice of Nigeria in his Office in Ndjamena, Chad, the Head of Nigerian Embassy in the Country, Alhaji Nasiru Waje who is Charge’ D’Affairs said the agreements were in Security Cooperation, Bilateral Trade and Investment Promotion and Protection.

The other areas of agreement include; Air Services which will allow direct flights into each other’s country and reduction in the Residence Permit Payment by nationals of the two Nations.

Alhaji Nasiru Waje commended the good relationship that exist between the two countries which he said has helped in the decimation of the activities of Boko Haram in the Chad Basin.

He said the excellent work being done by the Nigerian Military in conjunction with the Multinational Military Joint Task Force MJTF which is being driven by Nigeria in the fight against insurgency in North Eastern part of Nigeria and parts of Chad, Cameroon and Niger has yielded positive results.

The Charge’ D’Affairs said there are over 13 thousand Nigerian refuges living in different parts of Chad with the latest being the five thousand recently displaced in Yobe State joining the already eight thousand that have been living in the country.

According to him, before the advent of the President Muhammadu Buhari’s Administrationin Nigeria,17 Local Government Areas in the Country were under the control of Boko Haram.

He said the Military under the Buhari Administration has Liberated all territories and economic activities restored to those areas with people returning to their ancestral homes.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration priority commitment towards the strengthening of the collaborative efforts within the mechanism of MJTF established under the auspices of the Lake Chad Basin Commission aimed at bringing the insurgency in the region to an end has helped tremendously Alhaji Nasiru Waje said.

As a result of the restoration of peace in the area, the trade routes and corridors which were closed since 2009 have been reopened.

Chadians depend mostly on made in Nigeria goods while they export livestock, gum Arabic and sesame seeds in large quantity into Nigeria.

Source: Voice of Nigeria