Nigerian Government acquires reapers to boost rice production

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in partnership with Efugo farms have acquired eighty units of rice reapers (harvesters) to help boost rice productivity in Nigeria.

The eighty units of reapers are the first set brought into the country by Efugo farms for a test run.

The machine which costs 1.6 million Naira is 1.5 meters wide and has a height of 1 meter.

It has the ability to harvest about four hectares of land per day, it also harvests and neatly starks the rice where farmers can collect and then move it to the threshers.

Speaking to journalists on the harvesters the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Mr. Audu Ogbeh said the idea behind bringing the machine into the country for farmers is to reduce the cost and stress of harvesting rice and wheat in Nigeria.

He said it’s part of government efforts towards attaining rice sufficiency.

If we have these machines on rice farms and wheat farms the cost and stress of rice farming will be reduced by almost 80%, that’s the whole idea

He said there are plans to involve the states and so far states like Kebbi, Ebonyi and Jigawa have indicated interest,

What we will do is give them to the states and then we will train groups of young Nigerians to operate the Machines, each reaper and thresher will have eight people operating one day these boys can harvest about four hectares and they are paid

According to the Minister, the machine will not only help boost rice production in the country and ease the stress of farmers but will also provide a source of income for the young Nigerians that will be hired and trained to operate them.

So you can imagine how much income will follow. Teams of youth who are harvesting rice, it is their own business and when the season comes they arrive at your farm harvest your rice or wheat and then move on and if you can’t pay in cash you pay with rice he added

Mr. Ogbeh said the government is making efforts to support dry season farming by making fertilizers available, chemicals and pumps for irrigation farming as farmers are already back in their farms for dry season farming.

Also speaking to journalists at the assembling ground in Kuje Abuja, the assistant Manager of Efugo farms Mr. William Onyilo said the machines prevents the tedious process of manual harvesting while also preventing stones from getting into the rice.

He said the reapers are durable, fast and efficient.

Mr. Onyilo said the machine saves time and cost and is also risk free.

Source: Voice of Nigeria