Nigerian government urged to revive existing agricultural policies

The Nigerian government has been urged to revive and restructure the existing agriculture policies for a more sustainable economy.

The Chairman of Chain-African International Economic Cooperation Committee, Mr Idris Mohammed made the appeal in an interview with Voice of Nigeria.

Mr. Mohammed said agriculture sustained the economy during the pre and post independence era and should be taken seriously at this time when the nation could no longer rely alone on proceeds from oil production.

“We used to have the produce boards in different regions of the country and they were the back bone of the economy. Then when oil came, we abandoned agriculture. We never thought one day the value of the oil will mean little or nothing to us. Now we have to go back to square one and initiate all those agriculture policies that sustained the commodity boards at that time and begin from there to create all the necessary value chains that will bring about sufficiency in food production in Nigeria,” he explained.

Addressing the issue of provision of adequate infrastructure to boost the free flow of goods and services in the agriculture sector, Mr. Mohammed said part of his committee’s primary responsibility was to encourage industrial Agriculture and mechanised farming to be commercially viable for both the farmers and the government.

“By the time agriculture production is ready for export, it will boost the foreign exchange earnings for the country and the farmer will have a guarantee that his produce will be sold to a ready buyer,” he stated.

Source: Voice of Nigeria