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The report of the just ended 22nd Nigerian Economic Summit (NES) has been presented to President Muhammadu Buhari by the organizers of the summit, the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG).

NESG Chairman Kyari Bukar delivered the report to Buhari following the close of the summit here Wednesday. The report was received by Senator Udoma Udo Udoma, the Minister of Budget and National Planning, on behalf of President Buhari.

Buhari said the Federal Government would release a long-term National Development Plan before the end of 2016 to address the current economic crisis which triggered by the collapse in oil prices. He said the plan would articulate all programmes and plans from every sector of the economy.

“This comprehensive document will set out in one publication all the various sector plans which have already been adopted by the present administration. It will consolidate and harmonise all the sectoral plans in a single document and set out in broad detail an integrated roadmap for the growth and sustainability of the country’s economy,” the president said.

“The document will make it easier for the general public to easily access government’s overall economic agenda.”

The president also said that the country was going through a challenging period when he assumed office in 2015 and his administration had come up with a Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) which was released early this year.

“Unlike the SIP, the new document that we will be releasing shall be more comprehensive and present clear roadmap for all the sectors,” he added.

The president had opened the summit on Monday and expressed the desire to see Nigeria shift from an import-dependent economy to a self-sufficient one.

“We are working night and day to diversify the economy so that we will never again have to rely on one commodity to survive as a country so that we can produce the food we eat, make our own textiles, and produce the things we use. We are working to create the right environment for our youths to be able to benefit and create jobs through technology,” the president said.

The theme of the summit was “Made-in-Nigeria”.