Nigerian leader warns against vested interests

President Muhammadu Buhari has warned against vested interests who seek to cause rancour in the country, saying the full weight of the law would descend on them if caught.

He also warned those with corrupt tendencies to have a change of heart or be dealt with according to the provisions of the law.

The Nigerian leader gave the stern warning in his address on Wednesday at the Eagle Square Abuja, in commemoration of this year’s Democracy Day.

The Nigerian leader said: Fellow Nigerians, this Government will not tolerate actions by any individual or groups of individuals who seek to attack our way of life or those who seek to corruptly enrich themselves at the expense of the rest of us. We will crack down on those who incite ordinary innocent people to violence and unrest. We will ensure that such actions are met with the strong arm of the law.

President Buhari stated that he will abide by his oath of office as he works hard to improve the country.

Nation building takes time. But we must take solace in the knowledge that this country, our country, has everything we require to make Nigeria prosper.

In my first term, we put Nigeria back on its feet. We are working again despite a difficult environment in oil, on which we depend too much for our exports. We encountered huge resistance from vested interests who do not want CHANGE, But CHANGE has come, we now must move to the NEXT LEVEL.

By the Grace of God, I intend to keep the oath I have made today and to serve as President for all Nigerians, he said.

Improving Rural Communities

The President said greater investments will be made by government in rural communities, in order to lift people out of poverty.

We shall make greater investments in our rural economies. We shall aggressively source locally our raw materials. We have incentives for investments specifically made in rural communities.

However, nationwide development cannot occur from Abuja alone; it must occur in States. And the Government cannot do it alone. I, therefore, implore all State Governments, especially those with large rural economies, to aggressively solicit investments in your states. Invest in developing human capital, reducing bureaucracy and corruption, hosting and attending investment summits and improving the ease of doing business, the Nigerian leader said.

He thanked all those that have contributed to the building of the nation’s economy.

He said: At this point, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the entrepreneurs, investors and venture capitalists that have built or are building agro-processing projects; petrochemical plants; crude oil and solid mineral refineries; energy exploration; software development projects; telecom infrastructure; health, education and manufacturing projects; and the like, across our country.

I would like to make special mention to promoters of our small businesses that are proudly making goods and services for export and for local consumption. The Nigerian economy rises and falls on the strength of your investments and productivity.

We will continue to listen to your ideas and plans not just about how we can secure more investment, but how your plans can help create a more equitable economy.

President at this year’s Democracy day celebration were the Presidents of Liberia, Rwanda, Gambia, Niger, Chad, Senegal and Mauritania.

Source: Voice of Nigeria