Nigerian Stock Exchange falls by 82 Billion Naira

The Nigerian Stock Exchange has again closed bearish on its second trading day for the week.

The market which gained slightly on Monday by 0.06%, ended Tuesday’s transactions on a negative note.

It would be recalled that throughout last week’s activities, the market only made a gain on Thursday but fell on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday closing the market for the weekend on a downward stride.

The NSE this week commenced on a positive when it ended Monday’s transactions with 0.06% gain even as the market capitalisation gained 8billion Naira and the All Share Index, gained 22.34 basis points.

For Tuesday’s activities, the market fell by 0.60 per cent when the market capitalisation closed at N13,556 trillion Naira, falling by 82 billion Naira while the All Share Index closed at 37,421.01 basis points. It fell by 226.92 basis points when compared to Monday’s closings, of 13,638 trillion Naira for the market capitalisation and 37,647.93 basis points for the All Share Index.

In all, at the close of Tuesday’s trading activities, investors traded a sum of 2.13 million shares at the value of 3.76 billion Naira in 4,043.00 deal as only 12 registered stocks gained in today’s market, 27 fell while all others remained unchanged.


Below were the top three gainers in Tuesday’s activities;

Leading the gainers chart is Forte Oil Plc with an opening price of N27.15 kobo per share and a closing price of N29.85 kobo per share, gaining N2.70 kobo or 9.94 per cent.

Up next is Custodian Investment PLC with an opening price of N5.21kobo per share and a closing price of N5.70 kobo per share, gaining 0.49 kobo or 9.40 per cent.

Then Unity Bank PLC followed with an opening price of N1.01 kobo per share and a closing price of N1.10 kobo per share, making a gain of 0.09kobo or 8.91per cent.


Multiverse Mining Exploration PLC led the losers pack by 0.02 kobo or 9.09 per cent, followed by Mutual Benefits Assurance PLC’s loss of 0.04 kobo or 9.09 per cent and thirdly, AXAMANSARD Insurance PLC, fell by 0.25 kobo or 8.93 per cent.

Where the stocks had their opening and closing prices as 0.22 kobo per share and 0.20 kobo per share, 0.44 kobo per share and 0.40 kobo per share and thirdly, N2.80 kobo per share and N2.55 kobo per share respectively.

Source: Voice of Nigeria